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A Google search for the phrase “El Patron” (The Patron) turned up a number of Latin American eateries before the author realized that it was also a reference to Pablo Escobar, one of the most notorious drug lords in history. Stakelogic’s game does not directly associate itself with Escobar as such, but it features many of the things that were no doubt part of his lifestyle, such as guns, bullets, bars, booze, and cash. This is something we were asked to leave out of our review of Wild Chapo not too long ago, so we’ll say it now.

Escobar allegedly had so much money that he burnt $2 million to keep his daughter warm. Since El Patron is a paramilitary outpost in the midst of the jungle on a hot and muggy day, players shouldn’t have too much issue keeping comfortable there. On the left side of the 5×5 3,125-ways-to-win grid is an image of El Patron, while the right side features a jeep and several parrots. There are a few of bonus reels located above the main game grid that are closely related to the majority of the features discussed below. In contrast to, or in tandem with, the crime-crazed graphics and nonstop barrage of gunfire, a laid-back, slinky backdrop music adds a sense of relaxation.

To parry this barrage of fire, players must first choose bet sizes ranging from 25 cents to £/€125. You may also engage the Super Stake feature, which doubles the cost of a spin but boosts your chances of winning free games. El Patron is a very unpredictable game with a potential payback ratio of 96.50% for both ordinary bets and Super bets.

The game uses eight standard pay symbols, all of which pay from left to right, beginning on the left side of the grid. Two to six times the original wager can be won with a hand of five low-paying cigar cutters, cigars, knuckle dusters, guns, and whiskey bottles. Three hardened criminals serve as premiums, offering payouts of up to 80 times your initial wager for a winning combination of five symbols. Wilds can appear in a variety of ways depending on the game’s characteristics, but they always serve the same purpose of helping complete line winnings by substituting for normal symbols.

Slot Machine Features, El Patron

El Patron incorporates wild modifiers, free spins, a gamble element, and maybe a buy option via extra reels reminiscent to San Quentin xWays.

Activated Function

First, we’ll discuss the two bonus reels; the one on top has action symbols, while the one at the bottom features wilds. Two matching symbols on the upper and lower reels will trigger an appropriate action.

When a wild sign appears on a reel, it might expand to fill the entire reel in a vertical direction.

One to five wild symbols appear on the reels, and as they slide down the grid, they trigger further respin rounds.

One to five multiplicative wild symbols (x2, x3, x4, or x5) appear on the reels. The values of all multipliers utilized in a victory are multiplied together.

Bonus Turns

Free games are activated when three scatter symbols appear in view. Machine-gun action icons will replace the action symbols on the top bonus reel during free spins. One of the following changes takes occur when machine gun action symbols line up with wilds on the base game’s bottom bonus reel:

The reels are augmented with anywhere from one to five additional wild symbols.

Wild Symbol Multipliers: 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x as many Wild Symbols are introduced to the game.

One to five wilds can be set on the grid and will remain there until the end of the free spins feature.

Game of Chance

Players can take a chance and risk their winnings by trying to predict the color or suit of a hidden card. If you guess correctly, you can double or triple your money, but if you’re incorrect, you lose it all.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If legal in your jurisdiction, you can skip the bonus round and buy free spins for 160 times your initial wager. By clicking this, you’ll enter the bonus phase immediately.

Slot Judgment by El Patron

If San Quentin xWays and NetEnt’s Narcos had a wild, tequila-fueled night, the outcome may be El Patron. El Patron may have been influenced by the 2012 series Pablo Escobar, El Patron Del Mal, whereas Narcos was a slot branded directly from the Netflix series of the same name. Netflix only broadcast 74 of the original Colombian telenovela’s 113 episodes. Despite the cuts, it nonetheless provides nearly all of the information about the criminal mastermind’s life that viewers could want.

The game itself, El Patron, was enjoyable enough without truly surprising us. When the bonus symbols on the two reels line up, the main game is rife with gunfire and cash, but players seldom win. Like someone brought an AK-47 to the Olympic pistol competition and started spraying bullets everywhere in the vain hope that some of them would strike the target, the overall effect was one of number over quality.

In the free games, when the machine gun sprays wilds all over the screen instead of only on the triggering reel, this strategy proved to be more effective. Sticky wilds were the third most usual feature to activate, after multipliers and conventional wilds. The bonus rounds were exciting, but they couldn’t compare to the sophisticated chaos that can break out in a place like San Quentin. Since El Patron often only presents one moving element at a time, there isn’t much opportunity for anticipation to be built. The payout is reduced as a result as well, however the 25,000x win ceiling is still respectable.

El Patron might be an exciting choice for those who want a taste of one of the most perilous lives on the globe without really experiencing it. Because of the heavyweight category it mimics in some ways, it is not as explosive as it may have been. But those who aren’t looking for a win-or-lose scenario will find much to enjoy.

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